Passage of Life

Akio Fujimoto, 2017o


Khin and her two young boys, live in a small apartment in Tokyo. After her husband, Issace, gets caught by the immigration officers, she must work hard to support her family. She dedicates every spare moment to her sons, who suffer acutely from the loss of their Father’s presence and love. In this world of uncertainty, Khin begins longing for her homeland, Burma... The global issues of migration interwoven with the life of foreign families in Japan build the background of the film and the roster of Burmese actors making here their film debuts, play so authentically that it feels like a documentary, striking the viewer with its severe gaze while depicting the family with real tenderness.

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100 Min.
Langues originales
Birman, Japonais
ØVotre évaluation4,6/10
4,6 (72)
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Akio FujimotoRéalisateurs
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