Hill of No Return

Wang Tung, Taïwan, 1992o


In the 1920's, when Taiwan is Japan's colony, the small town Chiu-Fen was famous of its gold mines. Escaping from the landlord's control, Chu and Wei join the gold rush in Chiu-Fen, hoping that they can be rich and have their own land some day. The are two kinds of women in the small town : hard working housewives and prostitute. The formers are always struggling in poverty. Jou is one of them. People believe that she is doomed to be a widow. She married twice. Both of her husbands are dead. Che falls in love with her anyway.

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Données du filmo

Titre original
Wu yan de shan qiu
Drame, Historique
175 Min.
Langues originales
Chinois, Japonais
ØVotre évaluation8,0/10
8,0 (265)
< 10 votes
Critiques :
< 3 votes

Casting & Equipe techniqueo

Yang Kuei-Mei
Wen Ying
Peng Chia-chia
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