Kniga Morya

Alexey Vakhrushev, Russie, 2018o


In the frigid waters off of Russia’s Bering Strait, Inuit and Chukchi hunters today still seek out the giant sea mammals that have provided their people with food since time immemorial. It is known, that the whale hunting today is controversial and subject to international criticism and regulations. But the Inuit and Chukchi hunt is permitted by international law because of the whaling is the foundation of their culture and their life. The contemporary story of elders Aleksandr and Aleksei blends seamlessly with that of “the woman who gave birth to a whale” and other ancient myths, told here in vivid animation, in this ongoing struggle for survival and preservation of a traditional lifestyle in one of the most remote places on earth.

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The Book of the Sea DE
The Book of the Sea FR
The Book of the Sea EN
Documentaire, Animation
85 Min.
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6,9 (49)
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Alexey VakhrushevScénario
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