Die Vision der Claudia Andujar

Heidi Specogna, 2023o


In her multi-layered documentary, Grimme Award winner and director Heidi Specogna unfolds a sensitive portrait of the life and work of renowned photographer Claudia Andujar. From her escape from the Holocaust to her deep connection with the Yanomami people in the Brazilian Amazon – the film takes us through formative childhood events, humanistic commitment to the rights of indigenous peoples and the fight to protect their habitat. The film team follows in the footsteps of Andujar's political and poetic photographs, explores the rainforest region, which is now more threatened than ever, and introduces a self-confident, young Yanomami generation who are making their voices heard among the population and in politics with self-made films.

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The Lady with the Arrows DE
The Lady with the Arrows FR
The Lady with the Arrows EN
89 Min.
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